Who We Are

Our heart at Connect Church can be found in our name. We want to see people and communities connect to each other and more importantly to the love and grace of the Gospel to transform Crestview for God’s glory. We do that by changing people’s view of what church is. With a foundation set upon the New Testament church found in Acts 2, we are seeking to be a people set apart with a new life that can only be found in relationship with the one true King.



These are the lifeblood of Connect Church. It is here that the majority of spiritual and ministry growth occurs. These groups are like a family of servants living life together. We are meeting every week sharing meals, praying with one another, studying the scriptures, and serving our communities.


Every Sunday we gather together corporately for a time of prayer, worship, communion, and teaching. From there we will be sent out into our communities empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the life-changing gospel and love of Christ.


We do not simply want to just stop at making groups within Connect church. After all, there are many people and even entire communities without anyone reaching them with the gospel in Crestview. Our future desire is to partner with other churches to support and plant new gospel-centered churches in our city and throughout the world.


Our values are based off of what we find the early church doing in Acts 2:42-47. Through this method the church was able to expand and reach those living in their communities and we believe this method can and will still work today.


One of the key principles of the early church was that they were devoted to the teaching of God’s word. For us to be successful as a church and building disciples we must keep the gospel & the word of God at the center of all that we do. (Acts 2:42)


Everyone craves an authentic community to be a part of. Our culture is permeated with the idea that you have to be perfect & anything that points to the contrary must be hidden away from the world. As Christians, we know the only one who is perfect is Jesus Christ. Through weekly fellowship, the breaking of bread, sharing what we have, and worshiping together we will create a place where people learn that God loves them despite their flaws & short comings. (Acts 2:42-45)


Without prayer and God’s direction we will inevitably fail and the early church knew this. That is why they met together and prayed and why many signs and wonders were done among them.  They were dedicated to seeking the will of God and His teachings and for us to be successful we must do the same. (Acts 2:42-43)


Through the power of the gospel we are adopted heirs to the Kingdom of God. As his sons and daughters we are given a new identity that can be found in Him. When we receive this new identity we are now apart of the church of God. The church is not a place we go to but God’s children. The family of God is one that comes together to celebrate every Godly gift big or small, encourage each other, be a blessing to one another, and learn from each other. We desire to be a family that is so well-known for the love and care we have toward one another that our city will come to see who Jesus is by how we treat one another. We welcome and invite everyone to come and experience life in our family. (Acts 2:42-47; Romans 8:17; Ephesians 1:5)


If we say all the right things but do not live out what we say then we will never be successful in truly spreading the Kingdom of God. The early church we find in Acts 2 is a great example for living missionally. In chapter 2 verses 44-45 we see that they lived a missional life by “having all things in common” & “selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all”. By doing these things verse 47 says that they “had favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day”. Only by living a missional lifestyle will people see the love of God. (Acts 2:44-45;47)


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