DNA Groups are where real discipleship happens. This is a time where we as the church come together in groups of 3-5 people and Discover what the scriptures are saying. It is a close intimate time where we Nurture each other by asking and answering questions, confessing our sins and struggles, and encouraging one another. Then we Act & obey the Holy Spirit as He calls us to bear fruit. To create this kind of intimate environment and community atmosphere our groups are gender specific, Men with men & Women with women.

We realize that men & women struggle and face many different trials that each other may not completely understand or even face. We also understand that you may not be comfortable talking about certain subjects with members of the opposite sex. That is why these groups are designed to make sure everyone feels like they can have a voice and feel comfortable sharing who they are.

Leviticus +Hebrews

Women's DNA Group:

Leviticus is one of the least read books in the Bible. But did you know if you skip over it, it’s very difficult to understand many other Scriptures… especially the book of Hebrews?

– Gain clarity about the big picture of Scripture by connecting the dots between Leviticus and Hebrews.
– Identify with the faith struggles of those in the Old and New Testament as you learn historical context for each book.
– Dig deeper into Leviticus and Hebrews with study questions that will help you better apply this truth to your life each day!

Join others using this experience guide!
Follow along with daily readings on the First 5 app. Download the app for free at https://first5.org.

Book of Joshua

Men’s DNA Group:

Our Men’s DNA Group will be walking together through the book of Joshua. Each meeting we will pray over, read through, and discuss what the Holy Spirit is showing us through our current study.

Study Description: The book of Joshua records a key period in the outworking of God’s plan to redeem his people from slavery in Egypt. At God’s command and under Joshua’s leadership, the nation of Israel invaded Canaan—the land God had promised his people. In this study, pastor Trent Hunter offers readers rich insights into the book’s overarching story of salvation and the ultimate rest offered to all who trust in Christ for salvation— helping them apply its message to their lives today.

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