Devoted, Awed, & Generous (Acts 2:42-47)

To be a Spirit-Led Church... We must be Devoted to God, In Awe of God, & Generous w/ all that God has given us. (Please skip the 1st 30 seconds there is no sound due to Audio Issues.)

Our Plans vs God's Plans (Acts 3)

To be a Spirit-Led church we must be ready for the interruptions in life and use them as opportunities to point people back to the Gospel & saving name of Jesus.

Persecution & Proclamation (Acts 4)

Persecution is part of the Christian life. When we face it we must trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit & boldly proclaim the Gospel.

God's Glory & Church Discipline (Acts 5:1-16)

To be a Church that surrenders to & is led by God’s Holy Spirit we cannot let Hypocrisy Stand in God’s Church, we must have Church Discipline like we see in Scripture, & remind ourselves that God always gets the glory in the end!

Living For Jesus (Acts 7)

Stephen gives us a great example of not only what it means to die for Jesus, but even more importantly what it means to live for Jesus.

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