Devoted, Awed, & Generous (Acts 2:42-47)

To be a Spirit-Led Church... We must be Devoted to God, In Awe of God, & Generous w/ all that God has given us. (Please skip the 1st 30 seconds there is no sound due to Audio Issues.)

Our Plans vs God's Plans (Acts 3)

To be a Spirit-Led church we must be ready for the interruptions in life and use them as opportunities to point people back to the Gospel & saving name of Jesus.

Persecution & Proclamation (Acts 4)

Persecution is part of the Christian life. When we face it we must trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit & boldly proclaim the Gospel.

God's Glory & Church Discipline (Acts 5:1-16)

To be a Church that surrenders to & is led by God’s Holy Spirit we cannot let Hypocrisy Stand in God’s Church, we must have Church Discipline like we see in Scripture, & remind ourselves that God always gets the glory in the end!

Living For Jesus (Acts 7)

Stephen gives us a great example of not only what it means to die for Jesus, but even more importantly what it means to live for Jesus.


God uses bad circumstances to build His kingdom & for the good of His people. Even when we find people that have faith found in something else.

Transformed By Jesus (Acts 9:1-19)

By looking at the conversion of Saul to Paul we see what it truly means to be transformed by Jesus.

After Transformation (Acts 9:19-31)

Transformation in a believer is instant. Proof of it can be seen, should be seen, and not everyone will approve.

Jesus Changes Everything (Acts 9:32-43)

When Jesus is our hope every problem in our life changes from impossible to possible & in the process builds God's kingdom.

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